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XOXO Work Wear

Black Blazer

I love this blazer so much! I found this blazer on sale at J.Crew Factory right before I left for New York. I told myself I couldn't buy anything unless it was for the weekend trip, but come on....$30 for a fantastic blazer? I couldn't pass it up. I paired it with a cute tank from J.Crew and Ivanka Trump work leggings that have a built in shaper at the top (can I get an AMEN!!!) and these awesome black pointed toe heels.

Ok, So if you haven't read my posts before...I am a female boss. Like literally. Sometimes it is hard to wrap my head around it too. It happened at such a young age and I felt this immense pressure to be the best at it. Making it hard to accept when I fail. Which is often, y'all!

Green Dress

I got this Green dress during the Nordstrom Sale! I normally would go for the black option but I could not pass this one up! I have free-blue eyes and it really brought out the green! I paired it with leopard print (my favorite neutral). I got the heels during the sale too, and I do not regret that purchase one bit! They are so comfy, I wore them all over NYC and didn't feel the desire to rip them off my feet. My mom got me the clutch and the leopard headband is old from J.Crew.

Boss Lady Gotta Hustle

So I never liked wearing pants. To be very honest, I thought it made me look like Hillary Clinton.....and well....thats not what I would ever go for in style. But I find that I wear more pants in the work place, but I like for them to be feminine. I have searched everywhere for navy pants that look good on me....I finally found them and at T.J. Maxx of all places! I snagged this adorable ric-rac button up at Kate Spade the last time I was home visiting my mom. And these are my absolute favorite heels in the world and I am sad to say they have seen better days and I wish J.Crew still carried them! The bag was a gift from a friend and I absolutely love it!

Bow Tie Dress

This is one of my favorite Dresses! My mom got it for me for Christmas one year. It is the CeCe brand at Dillards. It is so flattering and I love the bow tie detail. I wear this dress to work probably more than anything else. I am sure people are tired of me wearing it, but Im not!

Most everything I buy for work I get at J.Crew, Kate Spade (on major major sale y'all), Banana Republic (rarely) and the occasional trip to Dillards. I like to be frugal when I am shopping so you will more than likely see me in something from J.Crew that I scoured for weeks to catch on sale!

Where do you shop for work clothes that I am needing to shop at?


Sarah Jo

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