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Gift Guide: Jetsetter

As a girl who is constantly on the go, I wanted to put together gift guide with gifts I know I would love as a traveler.

1. The eye gel pads are perfect to throw on after you get off the plane (especially if you travel for work) to give the appearance you are rested!

2. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten to the airport and realized I forgot headphones or a charger and have to spend an arm and a leg at the airport stores buying those. The tech kit is perfect to avoid that situation!

3. The minimergency kit will come in handy for those odds and ends you don't think about needing while traveling.

4. The packing cubes come in handy if you're a habitual over packer

5. Ok this charging luggage tag is way cool. I mainly just want someone to get this for me!

6.This is the makeup bag I have and it is perfect. You can organize it to your needs

7. A jewelry organizer is a must if you are traveling

8. This backpack will keep you hands free running through the airport to catch you flight!

9. Water bottles will save you money! They now have water fountains to fill up bottles at airports!

10. This is the luggage set I have and its amazing! I highly recommend it

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