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Kate Spade Friends and Family Sale Picks

Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands! Really it’s at the very top, but I don’t like paying full price when I don’t have to.

And guess what!?!?

This weekend. You. Don’t. Have. To. Either! 🙌🏻


I’ve rounded up a couple of my top picks {including things I snagged already}!


This top is just a steal in general. It comes in many colors and has great ruffle detail on the sleeves. I wouldn’t miss out on this. Normally: $58

*With Code Family: $40.60*

Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee? This one is adorable for summer! It’s on my want list!

Normally: $78

*With Code Family: $54.60*

This dress is too cute. Easy to throw on for dinner with the girls or dress it up for work! And I just really love stripes!

Normally: $198

*With Code Family: $138.60*

Oh. My. Word. Can we talk about how adorable this is? I’m glad one pieces are so in and there’s plenty of adorable ones to choose from. This one was by far my favorite!

Normally: $170

*With Code Family: $119*

I’m a sucker for gingham lately. I love this blouse! Pair it with some white skinny jeans or jean shorts!

Normally: $148

*With Code Family: $103*

Ok this is way out of my price range. But a girl can dream! I can think of all the places I would wear this!

Normally: $398

*With Code Family: $279.50*


I’m in love with these! They have so much going for them: Stripes, espadrilles, and ruffle detail. They have a lot of favorite details! They come in more colors.

Normally: $128

*With Code Family: $89.60*

These are too fun! I love the colors and I LOVE anything with a fruit print! These also come in denim and stripe!

Normally: $198

*With Code Family: $138.60*

STEAL! Another gingham item! So cute. So affordable! And many colors to choose from! I love these!

Normally: $98

*With Code Family: $68.60*

I bought these! SUPER STEAL! Cute little slides that are pink with a bow....what’s not to like?

On Sale For: $55

*With Code Family: $38.50*

Glitter Pumps

*Tap your heels* you will be wishing you were in oz with these babies! So cute. For work or play!

On Sale For: $143

*With Code Family: $100*


I totally bought this! It’s perfect for spring and summer. I keep seeing all these totes I want (but don’t know if it’s worth the price) but this was priced great and then with 30% off I had to snag it!

Normally: $158

*With Code Family: $110.60*

Perfect for spring and summer this floral bag makes a statement!

Normally: $178

*With Code Family: $124.60*

So cute, comes in three colors.

Normally: $398

*With Code Family: $278.60*

This is by far the cutest! I had a very similar one. I would splurge for this one!

Normally: $398

*With Code Family: $278.60*


This is adorable! I love all the details.

Normally: $40

*With Code Family: $28*

These are so in! Wrap it around your neck, tie it around your neck, or tie it around your head! Or add it to your purse! So many options!

Normally: $48

*With Code Family: $33.60*

This is so cute and perfect for the pool or the beach!

Normally: $88

*With Code Family: $61.60*

I hope you enjoy my picks! But really I hope you enjoy the sale and get some goodies!

Let me know what you order!!

Happy Shopping.


Sarah Jo

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