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Spring Splurge and Save


4. Tom Ford Nude Lipstick : $54.00 (color: deceiver)


6. Straw Circle Cross Body: $29.90

9. LimeLight Nude Lipstick : $22.00 (color: knot telling)

10. OTS Gingham Top : $32.98

This Spring there are so many trends I want to try, but my wallet doesn’t feel the same way! These are some of my favorite spring trends of which I have saved money on and felt like sharing! I like doing research on good deals and watch all my favorite sites that do deals throughout the week.

Usually when something is “trendy” I try not to splurge on it. If it’s a classic, staple closet item...I don’t typically think twice. I have the espadrilles, the circle bag, the lipstick...and only spent around $90! I really want the cap toe flats and the off the shoulder blouse, so I will be buying those next!

What are some of your favorite trends and what else would you like to see me share with you?


Sarah Jo

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