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Ruffled Sweaters & Ruffles Chips

I know what you must be thinking....

What do ruffled sweaters and ruffle chips have anything to do with each other?


I love girly details on clothing. I like to consider my wardrobe to be very plain, very basic, very comfortable. I stray away from any pattern other than stripes. I will dabble in the occasional plaid. But that is super rare. And it is usually a plaid that had neutral colors so I don't call attention to my clothes. And I will typically only wear it one time.

Just like wearing solid colors makes me do ruffles and ranch dip.

Anyone with me on that???

I have so much fun creating outfits that I can dress up or dress down. I like to pair a good black dress with a pop of color in my jewelry or my shoes.

But I like what I like.

I truly believe it is ok to live life how you see fit.

If you want to spend your free time traveling. DO IT!

If you want to go for a run every morning. DO IT!

If you want to go out on the town with your friends. DO IT!

If you want to stay at home and watch makeup tutorials on youtube. DO IT!

Or stay at home and watch Netflix....(ME). DO IT!

If you want to watch what eat....but then have some ruffles and ranch. DO IT!

Life is about balance. Its about doing things that make you happy. Going for that dream you just aren't sure you can make happen. It's about failing. It's about taking that failure and using it as motivation to succeed. It's about being knocked down and learning how to get up again. It's cheering each other on. It's about knowing when it's time to take better care of yourself.

Life is messy.

Life is beautiful.

Life has challenges.

Life can be rewarding.

And waited for it....LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

So grab yourself some ruffles and ranch.....and enjoy it.


Sarah Jo

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