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Valentines Day Inspo

Valentines Day

I have rounded up some cute Valentine's Day approved outfits, accessories, and home decor! I love all things pink and girly, and I definitely think red is a power color. So the chance to put the two together is a plus! This is not only a day for you to spend with a special someone, it is a day to celebrate love! Even if it's just loving fashion!

If you are like me then you like decorating for every single holiday. Even if I am not a huge fan of the day (of which this one I am not) I like to have my house decorated. It puts me in a good mood when I get home and have cute decorations and yummy smelling candles burning during the different holidays.


Target is my go-to for all things holiday decor. They just get the game and understand it.

1. I love this throw, it has cute gold metallic hearts on it (also perfect for year round in a little girls room): Metallic Knit Throw

2. Throw pillows have become my favorite home item to buy. Is that like an adult thing? Any way this is a super cute throw pillow that I would honestly leave out all year round. Cute gold lettering: Gold Metallic Love Pillow

3. This is another cute "love" throw pillow. The cursive font is so cute and the coral adds a pop of color to the room: Love throw pillow

4. Of Course with my blog name being xoxo Sarah Jo, I had to include this super cute XOXO candle that smells heavenly. Its pineapple pomegranate and the votive is so cute on its own its a total win-win. Theres a couple candles in this collection that you could get if you're a candle addict like me: XOXO Candle

Home decor is so fun and festive. You can get a couple pieces and build your stock every year. My mom always had our house decorated during holidays. You can add throw pillows to you couch to spice up a room and that alone makes it look like you took the time to decorate. Even if it's just a small touch :)


Date night is always fun. This is a night you can celebrate with your Gal-entines or you Valentine. This is a cute dress that I would wear out. I typically go with and LBD but this is a special occasion in which you should be vibrant and wear red or pink (or purple).

1. This dress is cute and girly and feminine without being too fancy: Red V-neck ruffle Sleeve dress

2. This scalloped trim dress is flirty and fun and sexy: Scalloped Trim dress

3. This little lacse number is the ultimate sexy dress. I will be honest in saying I will probably never have the courage to wear it but you do you, boo boo ;): Lace Dress

4. If you are more of a causal girl (or just an absolute lover of's become my uniform lately) this sweatshirt is so cute. It is black and white striped (can't beat that) and has a heart over your heart :): Striped relaxed sweatshirt

5. I actually have this button up. I can't wait to wear it with ripped jeans and tennis shoes. I bought this in a large so it would be oversized so I can tie the bottom: Striped heart button up

I am curious to hear what you guys are wearing?!!? What more do you want out of my posts?


Sarah Jo

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