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Bows & Stripes

I look like the Hamburglar! Haha

Top: Nordstrom / Leggings: Nordstrom / Boots/beanie/gloves: Kate Spade / Sunnies: Prada

I really wish the weather would make up its mind! Winter is my favorite season and just when I think it's here to stay, it goes back to warmer conditions. I grew up on the border of Mexico and we never got winter! EVER! This winter it has snowed there twice. TWICE. How fair is that? It's not I tell you! It never snowed when I lived there and it hadn't snowed in over 100 years.

I love that I look like a bank robber and I wasn't even trying. I put the outfit together and thought it looked so cute! Then I was editing the photos and could not stop laughing! I hate McDonalds with a passion so its hilarious that I look like the Hamburglar and I don't even eat Mickey D's.

Life is funny sometimes. You can think you have it all together and something comes along and kicks you down. I was walking with confidence to my car and I slipped and fell on ice. That teaches me to not watch where I am walking!

Its a good life lesson. We should always be mindful of the things we say and do. We never know what the consequence will be if we are not careful!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Sarah Jo

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