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Magic of Christmas

Christmas is the most magical time of year. There is something about the Christmas season that changes me. Maybe it even changes you. It reminds me to slow down and be thankful for the things I have and show extra love to the important people in my life. The twinkling lights take me back to my childhood.

Do you remember that feeling of Christmas as a child?

Wasn't it magical?

There is nothing quite like the feeling I get around Christmas time.

Growing up we had a lot of hand-made ornaments. Our tree was made up of Christmas ornaments we made at school, girl scouts, boy scouts, ornaments passed down from generation to generation, and ornaments given as gifts. My mother never decorated the tree without these things. Every year the ornament count grew. I always admired all the memories. It was special.

One ornament meant more to me. It was a white knit miniature mailbox. Just big enough for a small piece of paper. I would write a "secret letter" to Santa every year and plead him to take me to the North Pole. That was all I ever really wanted for Christmas. Embarrassing? Maybe. But I LOVED Christmas.

When my world was crushed and I found out Santa did not exist. I made a promise to myself to never lose the feeling of the Magic of Christmas.

I felt the magic the first year I started giving gifts to people. The joy on their face that someone thought of them was the "Magic" feeling.


I know Christmas is not about getting presents. But every single year I look most forward to gifting others who have played an important role in my year. It brings me so much joy to give to others.

But Christmas is about something more. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And love others the way Jesus loves us. We light our candles on Christmas Eve and sing hymns and join hands. Our hearts remember what that childlike wonder was like. But its so much bigger. We are reminded how wonderful Jesus is. Or at least I am.

It is also a reason to spend time with our loved ones. And a chance to forgive those we have wronged.

Tis the season of (for)giving.....right?

Remember that not everything is terrible. That misunderstandings and fights happen. But holding a grudge is never worth it. Plus worrying gives you wrinkles. The New Year brings new opportunities. It brings hope. And maybe, just maybe, it brings you second chances.

Xoxo and a Merry Merry Merry Christmas,

Sarah Jo

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