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j.crew Christmas Gift Ideas

I am a HUGE j.crew factory fan! I buy so many staple pieces that I keep for years! The quality is great in my opinion. I can shop there for any occasion and always feel like a million bucks, without having to pay actual j.crew prices. I put together a list of things I think every girl could use in her closet from j.crew factory, all at affordable prices!

1. Puffer Vest: first off, this is just so festive for the holiday season. Secondly, vests are great layering pieces.

2. Bow Sweater: I have one very similar to this from Kate Spade and I wear it all the time in the winter! It is so girly and feminine all while keeping you warm! Also comes in grey.

3. Velvet tank: well I am obsessed with this and it is definitely on my wish list! Comes in a variety of colors. Good staple piece to layer and wear to holiday parties!

4. Holiday Flannel : this is a great flannel for this season. Also a great layering piece!

5. Pleated Peplum Blouse : this Blouse is perfect for work and for the holiday season! Pair it with sequin leggings and you have a great look for a Christmas party!

6. Cozy Pullover : I just want to wear this one right now! I prefer quarter snaps to full snaps (or zips)!

7. Pleated Plaid Skirt : it’s plaid, it’s pleated, it’s cute. What more could you want in a skirt??

8. Jewel Necklace : jewel tones are in this year! So this is a great necklace to dress up any outfit!

9. Scarf Cape : last but not least, this Cape!!!! You all know I love capes, so this is a perfect addition to the wardrobe!

Who else is so excited for the Holiday season?!?!


Sarah Jo

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