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Olive You, Fall!

Dress: Old Navy / Booties: *Old* Similar / Clutch: *Old* Similar

I have never had the problem where there are too many good photos to choose from. This was hard to select only a handful because I really loved every picture in this dress. I love wearing Olive Green, especially in the fall. But yes, I am one of those people that wears the color year round because it looks good with my complexion and eyes. This dress is airy and flowy in all the good ways!

My Dad took me to this craft fair in High School and bought these earrings that a glass blower was making on site. He bought me these one of a kind green and gold glass earrings, the best part is that they are two different shades of green to ensure no one else had them. I have kept them after all this time because they are special to me. I don't normally keep jewelry for long periods of time because I grow tired of them.

Do you ever have that feeling like you look more attractive in certain seasons? I definitely think fall and winter are my best seasons. No one looks at you weird those months when you wear dark colors all the time. You can have dark nails and dark lips and people just think "oh, its fall/winter colors" so it makes it ok. Maybe its just me!

My Mom bought me this clutch several Christmases ago and said that she knew I only use large handbags so I better get good use out of this clutch. At the time I didn't think much of it, but I find myself needing it more and more when I don't want to carry that much and I have a function to attend (where I am probably wearing a black dress, lets be honest.)

You guys, I didn't even slightly get tan this summer. So I am pumped that everyone else will now be joining my pale club. I get asked all the time how I can be from South Texas and be so pale. I can't even blame my parents for that....they are always tan! So I just don't ever let it bother me anymore. I just laugh awkwardly and move along.

This is a lot of rambling for one post.


Sarah Jo

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