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Lazy, Cozy Sundays

Cozy sweaters on Sundays are my fav! I know I've mentioned I'm in love with Fall, but really I LOVE Winter more. Cold days are my jam! 

These leggings are so buttery soft and I want to lounge in them forever. I ordered this sweatshirt and it said oversized, I was so pleased that I actually was without having to size up. I kinda hate to admit I like the graphic tee trend going on right now. This sweatshirt says "Can't Stop Me" and that is totally my motto. I believe the only person stopping you from accomplishing your dreams is you. So you can't stop me, because I am not going to give up on myself! (It doesn't hurt that this is the most comfy cozy sweatshirt I own! Get you one here: Can't Stop Me ($35!) If you want the leggings, you won't regret it: Cozy Leggings

I keep it cold in my apartment so I don't have to admit that it's 90 degrees outside and I sweat as soon as I step out.  SO the hot tea in my hand and the cozy clothes are really just for the apartment because I would die if I walked outside wearing this. 

I love lazy Sundays. I like to take the day to relax and do all my girly routines. I take a bubble bath with lavender bubble bath. I recently just ordered these Young Living Lavender Essential Oils Bath Bombs. Heaven!!!!!! The smell is so relaxing. 

I have stress in my life...and anxiety. So YL Lavender Essential Oils have been a game changer. I put Lavender drops in my diffuser. It is amazing how quickly the oils calm you. I apply directly on the skin and let the diffuser go for four hours. The smell is so calming that I instantly go to sleep, so I have never turned it off, I just let the diffuser turn itself off. Sometimes if I have blemishes on my face, I apply drops directly to the blemish and by morning it's dramatically reduced (thanks Shawnda)! I go big or go I go the extra mile and use the Lavender lip balm, too! 

Then I use my Charcoal facial routine. I clean my face with my charcoal bar of soap, use my charcoal mask, then apply charcoal oil and night cream. I get little white spots around my eyes, and just two weeks of this routine and they're gone! I have tried everything! I decided to try the charcoal bar on my arms because I have embarrassing red splotches. The dermatologist has never given me anything that cleared it up. I was so excited that after two days of washing my arms with it and you barely even notice it! Beautycounter has the best skin care! 

What are some of your routines? 

Enjoy your Sunday, loves!


Sarah Jo

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