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LDW Sales

Hey y'all! With the end of summer drawing to a close, I can only think of one thing.

It's almost Fall & Winter!!!!!! My favorite time of year! I think the clothes are way cuter, the food is yummier, and the air is much more enjoyable!

Now, I'm just not a summer girl. Like at all. I think I went to the pool zero times, the lake twice, and the beach twice (both cold and cloudy). So I'm not even sorta tan. I'm pale as pale comes.....but perfect for the fall and winter months :)

If you like the coat I am wearing, it's Kate Spade. I love going to Dillard's after New Years Day when they put the coats on sale and buy my designer coats then.

But since that's a different holiday that's pretty far away, I did some research to help you stock up your fall closet now! I figured I would do a round up of the best Labor Day Sales, in my opinion at least!

Y'all ready for this???

♠️Kate Spade♠️

Enter the code GOLDEN at checkout

It is absolutely no secret I have a slight obsession with Kate Spade. And by slight I mean it's a little bit of a problem. But I thought I'd help y'all out by letting you know there is a 30% off the sale sale!!! This is huge, it's a mixture of summer and last winter/fall so it's not all out of season.

Here are some Sarah Jo favs: This Leopard Print Cell Phone Case (I ordered it!), This Cell Phone Crossbody (perfect for going out), This Embellished Bow Sweater (bit of a splurge), these tights (ordered), Super Fun Extra Spicy graphic Tee (steal with the sale), Cozy PJ Set (I have a lot of KS pjs, highly recommend!), These High Waisted Jeans (WHAT A STEAL!!!), and this Fierce Red Purse!

Obviously I wanted to tag everything on the sale because I personally want it all. But everyone always asks me where I get my Kate Spade and how I can afford it. Well y'all here is my secret. I BUY IT ALL ON SALE!!!! So be like me, get this on sale while you can!


I love shopping at J.Crew. I started shopping there in high school because I was the QUEEN of preppy and they are the preppy store! It works for me for all aspects of life. I buy my work clothes there, my play clothes, my lounge clothes, accessories, shoes, and JEWELRY! I promise you 9 times out of 10 my jewelry came from J.Crew. If its not from there it is Kendra Scott or Kate Spade.

Everything on is 50% off. Now that is a deal!

Here are some things I am eyeing!

Like my Kate Spade Coat? This City Coat is super similar and a great price for a coat, this houndstooth vest is very popular and I think every blogger I follow has it (including me!), this Sweater Blazer is so cute and I might get it too, this Blazer comes in three colors and it's a steal and perfect to make any outfit more professional, these boyfriend jeans are under $50, adorable plaid dress that's perfect for work and under $50, this sweatshirt dress is a STEAL coming in under $30, this Blouse is beautiful and a great price.

I could clearly go on and on with these deals but go give it a look yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Old Navy

I get most of my basics from Old Navy because you just can't beat the price, sometimes. I have a ton of basic tanks that I wear under my sweaters in the fall/winter months. I recently bought my denim jacket there and some jeans there. They are having 50% off a majority of their website!

Here are my Old Navy Picks: These Jeans are $20, these step hem jeans are very in style right now and only $17.50, a similar version of my denim jacket, fun Weekends Graphic Tee for only $7.50, a great striped long sleeve for only $10, and this peplum hem top is only $19.99.

Theres a ton deals on their site, so check it out! When you go to check out you can get more savings! Who doesn't like that?!?!?

So other websites that have deals going on right now

Hope these helped and I hope you get some great steals!!!!


Sarah Jo

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