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What's the scoop?

Shirt: Kate Spade  / Jeans: Michael Kors / Shoes: Kate Spade x Keds  / Earrings: Kendra Scott / Necklace: Ice Cream Collection at Loblolly 

Everyone that knows me, knows I love ice cream! When I saw this Kate Spade top, I had to have it! I always joke with Elle that we are going to move somewhere and open up an ice cream shop. I have a name for it and everything. 

I used to live in the neighborhood that this ice cream shop is in so I would walk there a lot. It was only fitting that when they started selling ice cream stamped jewelry, bought a necklace. 

The owner of the Loblolly (which is the BEST ice cream in Arkansas if you haven't had it) saw me taking pictures outside. I didn't know he was the owner at the time so I giggled and said "I'm so embarrassed you caught me, I'm wearing an ice cream shirt getting my favorite ice cream. I'm going to put this on my blog." 

I got so excited they had my favorite flavor so I screamed with excitement and the other customers proceeded to order my flavor! I was laughing and having such a good time, I never noticed the man come inside and tell the cashier my ice cream was on the house. 

There is still kindness in the world! But when you're feeling like there's not, eat ice cream. 

Have you ever met an unhappy person eating an ice cream cone?!? 


Sarah Jo 

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