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The Perfect One Piece

Swimsuit: Jantzen ( similar, similar , similar )

I have to admit, I was not a fan of the one piece making its comeback. I spent years only wearing one pieces because I was self conscious. All my friends wore the cutest bikinis. When I finally stopped wearing them, they became fashionable and everyone was wearing them (isn't that how it always happens?!?).

I was shopping in Florida when I came across this one. I had tried on so many before my trip so I didn't think I would have luck, but it was so flattering! I immediately bought it. The colors are bright and cheery. The ruffles on the front add a fun touch. And they matched my sunglasses!

I saved it for the last day so I could maybe even out some tan lines.....but of course I hardly got any color during the week (thanks to my over applying of sunscreen).

You have to be comfortable in your own skin and rock whatever suit you decide to wear (just please not your birthday suit! Save that for the privacy of your home). Mason and I happened to match so I made him take a picture with me, he is too cute not to include :)

Let me know where you're finding your summer swimwear.


Sarah Jo

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