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Easy like Sunday Morning

Top: Old Navy / Skirt: Kate Spade ( similar dress ) / Flats: Kate Spade (old) / Purse : Kate Spade (old)

There's something about Sundays I absolutely love! I usually use Sunday as "me" day. This is when I do my weekly ritual face mask, bubble bath with a LUSH bath bomb, and prepping for the week. 

Brunch is such a fun meal, I give major kudos to whoever invented it. My best friend from Ohio came to town for the weekend. When I first moved to Little Rock I made two amazing friends, Kristin and Alex. They have both remained my closest friends since I've been here. Kristin moved back to Ohio and I was so upset, but luckily we all reunite and it's like we have never been apart! Sundays were always our day that we spent the entire day together (usually with Alex cooking up something scrumptious because she is the BEST chef ever) so we kept our tradition alive and had brunch today! True friendships never really die. I cherish the bond we have. 

This outfit is so simple yet stylish. I threw it together this morning without much thought (fingers crossed) it looked cute! Black and white is my all time favorite color combo. This large gingham print is very in. I paired it with flats, which I rarely do, but I wanted to keep this look simple. 


Sarah Jo 

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