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Nordstrom Sale Picks

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Leather Booties // Striped V Neck (comes in several colors) // Large Gold Hoops // Cami (comes in several colors and patterns) // Mules // SPANX Leather leggings // Wool Hat // Snakeskin Booties // Leopard Booties

I have rounded up the things I will be eyeing during the sale! Obviously I can't buy them all (because ballin on a budget yo). So I will have to rank my favs and buy only what I know I can use in the years to come. So I am ranking them here, even though my ranking will probably change because I obviously love everything!

1. SPANX leather leggings (because I kick myself every year that I don't buy them)

2. Gold Hoops (Ive been wanting a pair for years and these are perfect!)

3. Wool Hat

4. Striped tee (I will buy in several colors because they are great for layering in the fall and winter.)

5. Mules (great price and I love these!)

6. Booties (they re so stinking pretty and I want these every time they are released and can never pull the trigger to spend the money)

7. Snakeskin/leopard Booties (I can't pick which pair I like more)

8. Cami (great for office and going out layering)

Happy Shopping!


Sarah Jo

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