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Amazon Swimwear Haul

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Bathing suits are hard to find, am I right?! Especially when you're trusting online reviews and hoping that when it arrives in time for your vacation, it actually fits! Thank goodness for Amazon two day shipping.

The pink one piece is actually from Forever 21 but everything else is from Amazon! These looks are all fabulous. If I had to rank them (it would be hard) but it would go like this

1. Lemon one piece (very slimming and flattering)

2. Hot Pink One Piece (need I say more?)

3. Palm High Waisted Two Piece

4. Black Ruffle One Piece (comes in two piece form and several colors)

5.Green One Piece

Well I hated ranking those because I loved them all!

I am wearing a large in all of these one pieces!


Sarah Jo

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