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What to pack in your carryon

Ok, could I have picked a more vague title? I swear I am not assuming y'all don't know how to pack carryon! But I ALWAYS find myself on pinterest before a trip to make sure there is nothing I forgot to pack so I figured I would create y'all a great checklist (or maybe just for me ;) haha )

This carryon is perfect. It is 20 in. and a gorgeous rose gold color. I always make sure I google airline rules and regulations before I fly somewhere. Southwest allows a 24 in. carryon, but I opted for the 20 in case I fly another airline. The bonus was that the wheels were also rose gold! Packing cubes are essential for a suitcase this size so you can maximize space and bring more with you.

A good tote bag is key. Most airlines only allow two carryons. I grabbed this great tote at TJMaxx but I linked a very similar one. This one is huge.I carried my laptop, chargers, toiletries, basically all the essentials. Since you're only allowed two, and when its a short trip I try to only do carryon, I will bring a small crossbody (this one is great) in my suitcase for when I arrive. That way I am not lugging around a tote everywhere I go.

Clutch // Dry Shampoo // Deodorant // Tide to Go // Clorox Wipes // Brush

Who likes after flight hair? No one! I keep a travel size bottle of dry shampoo and a travel size hair brush in my bag. This time I sprung for the mini deodorant and I am so glad I did. One, it smells amazing, but two, I used it when I landed to get the plane smell off of me. The clorox wipes are for your surroundings on the plane (and frankly any other germs areas you encounter while traveling!)

Everything is just so much cuter in travel size! I always peruse the travel section of grocery stores and drugstores. You never know what you will find! Like these super cute vitamin to go packs that I found at Target! I was so excited because I take Olly products already! I got all of these items at Target (the masks are from Kroger, they have great masks!)

I get so many questions about this bag! It is so great. I use it daily (hence why it looks v used and dirty) It is sectioned off so you can be organized. I have it set up this way but you can totally have it set how it fits your needs.

I hope this helps you!


Sarah Jo

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