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Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

Easter Dress under $40

I am laughing at myself for picking so many blue options but these were some of my favorites and they are under $40 so you don't have to splurge on an easter dress!

If I had to pick just one, I would personally pick the white floral maxi! So cute and airy looking! And I would definitely rewear it this summer to different events I have!

Casual Wear

So this tank is so cute and only $13, such steal for spring and summer. It is great for layering! The black ruffle dress has buttons that go all the way down the back, SO cute! The tie front tee comes in three color choices, I love a good tie front tee. These jeans were just SO cute I had to include them! Who doesn't love pizza? I just thought this tee was cute and fun. And lastly, this body con is flattering comes in multiple colors too!

Workout Wear

I love a good sweatshirt and this one is perfect to put on headed to that early morning workout! This twist front tee is too good of a deal even though I know we can't wear it much longer unless you wear it indoors. I am always looking for good socks! And these leggings are a hit with my followers, they're my fav!

Work Wear & Weekend Wear

Cami // Pink Trousers // Blue Jumpsuit // Denim Military Jacket // Blue Boyfriend Blazer // Gingham Jumpsuit

The cami would look so perfect paired with that blazer. These pink pants come in several colors (I am just partial to all things pink). The denim military blazer is so perfect and almost never on sale. The jumpsuits are fun and I feel like could be versatile for work or play (depending on the office setting you're in!)


Ok the shoe part was hard because there were so many so all I will say is this.....can we just talk about how I were a shoe I would totally be this wedge in the middle?!?!!

Ok so I tried to pick very affordable options that would work with every body type while still being able to get a lot during this sale! I hope you enjoyed my picks!


Sarah Jo

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