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Best of Amazon Dupes

1. LV Zip Wallet Dupe

2. LV Crossbody Dupe

3. LV Neverfull Dupe

4. Chloe Dupe

5. Chloe Crossbody Dupe

6. Celine Dupe

7. Designer Key Chain Dupe (So cute, getting this for myself and my girlfriends!)

8. DY Cable Ring Dupe

9: Givenchy Dupe

10:DY Cable Cuff with Rhinestone Detail Dupe: I have this one and love wearing it paired with the clasp cuff!

11: DY Cable Cross Ring Dupe

12: Marc Fischer Dupes: (Ordered these and can't wait for them to come in!

13: DY Cable Clasp Cuff dupe: I have this one and love wearing it paired with the cuff!

14: DY Cable Pear Cuff Dupe

15: Karen Walker Dupes: These are my absolute favorite sunnies! I have had Karen Walker sunnies in my "cart" for years now but have not wanted to spend the money! These dupes are perfect! and only $9!

16: Gucci Belt Dupe (I have this one and get tons of compliments) I could not justify spending the money on a belt, but I am adding it to my wish list since I do actually wear it often!

Did I miss any good dupes?


Sarah Jo

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