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Cyber Monday Gift List

Is it just me or did this year just fly by!?! Not that I am mad or anything.....because I LOVE Christmas and it's my favorite time of year! Here is the first of my Christmas lists.....the best kind of list to make! Only this time, I am making them to make shopping easier on you! So here are some great Cyber Monday Items you can get at steals of prices! But you get more bang for your buck and more items since they're such good prices. Whether you're shopping for you mom, grandma, sister, cousin, friend....or even better YOU!

1. This is actually at the top of my own list! This deer print is just so in right now. I also am a sucker for anything monogrammed. So get this tote for under $40 while you can!

2. This Bright Eyes gift set is perfect for the girl who travels! They help brighter underneath your eyes so you look awake and energized! Plus the cutest little eye slip for when you sleep in the car or on the plane!

3. The instax is one of my favorite things I got for Christmas two years ago. Its so fun to capture memories like we did back in the day. Plus I found it for a great price for you guys so snag it before it sells out!

4. Ok y'all, need I say more about $12 fuzzy slipper slides? They also come in pink and burgundy. All the heart eyes.

5. I NEED these glitter booties in my life and so do you! You can get them for around $20. Such a steal am I right?

6. Black watch plaid is my favorite and its a staple every holiday season. These flannel ones are great!

7. The Google Home Mini is amazing and its under $50 on Cyber you need to get it at this amazing price. They are fantastic.

8. The amazing Bauble Bar earring gift set. I just ordered this one for myself because it was like 75% off for Black Friday weekend and I mean.....I can't turn down a good deal for cute earrings!

9. This faux fur vest is so cute and its such a good price. The reviews on it are pretty good so I am going to take other peoples word.

Alright y'all Happy shopping. Share what y'all got with me!


Sarah Jo

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