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Black Watch and Navy

I am so in love with this preppy little outfit, it is unreal. I put this outfit together and looked in the mirror and I was like....dang girl, look at you! This flounce skirt is so fun! I have it in the wool houndstooth and this little navy number. I think I need it in the maroon color as well!

I love black watch. It is my favorite plaid because it so cute! I could have everything in that plaid and never get tired of it! Every year when one of my favorite stores has it in their winter line, I buy something. I only try to buy one item a year though! I think it is classic and timeless and I can add pieces of it to my winter capsule wardrobe!

These loafers are so cute and comfy and can you believe they are from Target? I mean such a steal and so so cute!

Also, I swear you need this tote. I can't believe I branched away from Kate Spade but I love this tote!

xoxo, Sarah Jo

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