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Patriotic Outfit Inspo

Red, White, And Blue; USA I'm Crazy about you!

Patriotic for every style

If you haven't already gathered, I'm crazy patriotic! I absolutely LOVE our country. I have been very patriotic for as long as I can remember. My locker decorations in middle school were even red, white, and blue. I can remember a time in Ensemble class where we learned how to sing 'America, the Beautiful'.

I love the Fourth of July so that I have an excuse to wear patriotic outfits on the reg, I do work in politics so I have an excuse more than the average person. Here are some outfit suggestions for those seeking inspiration.

I have spent more hours on pinterest searching "patriotic outfits" than any sane person should. Therefore, I decided "why not create my own???"

Happy Fourth, friends!


Sarah Jo

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