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Ruffle One Shoulder One Piece

I used to hate wearing one piece swimsuits because it always indicated you didn’t look good in a two piece. I am SO happy that they have come back in style and in so many colors/patterns/styles! 

I snagged this cute black ruffle one shoulder at Old Navy. (I made the mistake of taking off the tags without trying on and wore it even though it was TOO BIG! 🙈) 

My friend Jonelle got this hat at the gust shop while we stayed at the Trump hotel ever btw...and I had to get one for myself! 

I mean it’s not a secret I’m a Trump fan. We stayed at Trump Doral Miami and it was fabulous. 

Also, I got this virgin pina colada 🍍 and it was to die for! Not as many calories but still probably too many. Calories don’t count on vacation, right?

Has anyone else been to Miami? 


Sarah Jo

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