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Sweet as a Peach


I love the stripes on this blouse. You can't see in the picture, but they're actually stitched on so they're kind of 3D! and the button detail down the back makes it so sweet and feminine. And to top it off the sleeves are bell sleeves to finish it out! 

Spring Colors  

Peach can be a hard color for me. I love pink (y'all already know that!) but not all shades of pink are my friend. I have pink undertones in my skin, anyone else have that issue? So when I wear pink I have to make sure it doesn't blend with my skin tone. 

What does that mean? I have to make sure my shoes, accessories, and lip color stand out with my outfit!

I am loving tassel earrings this year. I have several colors and wear them with everything it seems like! This top came from Target and their new Universal Thread line. It was a birthday gift along with the matching peach tassel earrings from Bauble Bar's line Sugar Fix at Target!

This whole outfit is from Target and is less than $100. I mean it! You can look cute and be in style without breaking the bank my friends!!!


Sarah Jo 

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