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Sleek, Chic, Classic

I’m a fan of all black outfits. You already know this. If you’ve known me for only a week you figure it out. It’s my color of confidence. It makes me feel fierce.

I’ve always been afraid of the peplum trend because I have some serious love handles and I’m really short. Therefore I get cut in half by peplums and look like an Oompa Loompa.

Ivanka Trump clothes have become a staple in my closet. I now own several peplum tops (all Ivanka Trump) and I feel confident and fashionable when I wear them.

Do you ever have a certain clothing item that just makes you feel fierce? Like you walk into a room and just know...”I look good.”?

You can always find me carrying a Kate Spade bag. They’re my favorite. I owned like 20 at one point and then I sold my entire collection because they just sat in my closet. I believe everyone should have the option to own a Kate Spade. I take great care of mine and then sell them on Poshmark or to a friend.

But the most important accessory to have on with every outfit.

A {S M I L E}.

It’s easy to feel down on yourself when you have a bad hair day or you feel like your clothes are a little tighter than they were a few months ago. I’ve learned that you have to feel confident in your own skin and not care what people think.


Sarah Jo

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