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Leopard is my Favorite Neutral

Isn’t this top fabulous!?!? The keyhole opening in front makes me a tad self-conscious though! Im very conservative when it comes to clothing, and it was almost too revealing for me!

Does leopard print make you feel extra sassy? It does to me! I wore this for my birthday dinner and I definitely felt the sass was showing!!!! 

I bought these leggings ages ago and they’re still my favorite! I saw a blogger share them in 2013 and I had to order. They’re legging material in back but faux leather in front. 

These shoes may look uncomfortable but they’re not! I promise! 

I love this door so much. I love history (it was my major in college) so when I saw this door I was in love. It was my moms idea to take the picture in front of it in this outfit though. Like I stay away from most patterns I also stay away from pairing “busy” with “busy” but it complimented the outfit so well!!!

I am convinced my mother took a class on photography because these photos ROCK!


Sarah Jo 

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