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CC Beanie & Buffalo Check

Scarf and Beanie: CC Beanie | Leather leggings: Michael Kors | Top: Nordstrom 

It’s not a secret I love dressing in all black. Someone asked me why I always wear black and dark lipstick. 

It gives me confidence! 

Every girl needs her thing that makes her feel confident. 

And while we are the subject, we need to be nicer to each other. Words hurt. When we spend time lifting each other up and being kind, the reward is worth it.

What a world it would be if we complimented each other and treated each other with respect. 

Self love and self acceptance is a goal of mine for 2018. I’ve always tried to put other people first and do so much for other people that I forget I have to take care of me, too. That’s the problem with always putting others first, you’ve taught them you come second. 

There’s a funny quote I like “you gotta nourish to flourish” and it’s so true. In a field of flowers you don’t see flowers trying to compete with one another. They flourish and bloom on their own and create their own beauty. I’m not ashamed to admit I talk to myself in the mirror in the morning. More of a pep talk like “you got this! You can handle anything that comes your way because you’re a strong and capable woman.”  




You are a beautiful flower waiting to bloom!


Sarah Jo 

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