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Sweater Weather

Sweater: Loft / Jeans: Old Navy / Booties: Charlotte Russe / Earrings: Bauble Bar

Pink has been one of my favorite colors since the womb. It was my favorite color selected by my mother since I was girl and didn't have a choice. But as soon as I knew I had a choice, I always chose pink. I used to jam to the song "Pink is my favorite color".....I never looked into the lyrics but I am certain that is not a song I should have been allowed to sing!

Pink and black are two colors that just make me feel good. I used loonily wear clothes that were pink and black in middle school. Seriously. Ask my Mom. Poor thing. Had to be difficult to find only pink and black clothes...and on top of that they HAD to be from Limited too. HAHAH

I wore this pink and black track suit jacket around my waist every day at school. I honestly do not remember why, I just remember I did it. I think maybe it was a security blanket? I was very insecure.

If you ever feel down about yourself, I really challenge you to open the bible. It has never failed me when I feel down. Let the bible be your security blanket. It was always keep you warm ;)

Any one have any weird fashion "trends"?


Sarah Jo

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