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All in the Details

I usually only like stripes in black and white. Patterns and bold colors sometimes intimidate me. Which is why I only add pops of pink or blue occasionally. 

This dress had nearly all of my favorite color pops that I would add to an all black outfit. I figured I would give it a shot and step outside of my comfort zone. 

I LOVE this dress, and the lesson that came with taking the leap to buy it. Then to actually wear it (I would normally let it sit in my closet until I have it away or sold it.)

In life, there will always be things that intimidate or scare you. One of the great challenges in life is learning to face those fears. 

I want to challenge you. 

Write down something that scares you

come up with a plan to overcome that fear. 

Write about it and share it

I’ve been challenging myself to be more real and raw on instagram and in my blog in case there is someone out there that needs the advice or the lesson. 

Let me know if you’re enjoying 


Sarah Jo

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