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Military Inspired

Field Jacket: Jcrew (old, similar) / Boots: LL Bean / Jeans: Express / Top: Nordstrom

So I just finished watching every episode of The Ranch on Netflix with Ashton Kutcher. Let me tell you. That show is super addicting and super funny. I can't wait for the next season! Naturally, any time I watch a show it motivates me to do something. Like when I watch Downton Abbey, I speak in a British accent for the hours following my binge watching. So after watching The Ranch I just wanted to go to the deer lease and do a little target practice.

I love any chance I get to wear Bean Boots. They are very comfortable and they make me feel powerful. I get a little swagger in my step when I wear them. I found this jacket at J.Crew when I was living in Louisiana. I literally darted across the store to grab it. I HATE HATE HATE camo. Like really hate it. So when I saw a military jacket that was stylish and wasn't camo.....I bought it. (and it was on sale so win win for me:) )

The quilted arms give it that girly touch that I look for in most of my clothes. I also needed a jacket to match the boots. HaHa!

I really enjoy doing things that shock people. Most people expect me to be in a dress and heels 24/7. But come on now, thats extremely boring! I want to be the fashionista for the every day girl. I want to be the girl people ask advice on any type of clothing. But nothing makes me feel better than when someone asks me to help them get ready for an event.

Mason likes to take me out to practice shooting, he just built this gun and we were both really excited to take it out. I don't know who had more or him. Probably me since it was so powerful and it made me feel powerful in return.

I mean....I am a Republican. I love the 2nd Amendment. What did you expect?


Sarah Jo

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