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Living Your Best Life

Tee: Draper James / Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle / Kicks: Kate Spade x Keds / Sunnies: Diff

So a while back I went to Draper James in Nashville and bought some super cute clothes! To be more specific....I bought three blue and white striped blouses.....and didn't realize how similar they all were until I got home and was showing them off.

"Look at this cute blue and white striped button up!"

"Look at this cute blue and white striped 'howdy' tee!"

"Look at this cute blue and white striped bell sleeve top!"

At least I am consistent!

This past weekend I went to Austin to stay with my brothers. I wish the circumstances were different. (We had our grandmothers funeral, I will maybe write about it one day). I love the energy you get while in Austin. Everyone kind of does their own thing. "Keep Austin Weird" is their motto and it is definitely a weird place! But in a good way. I am about as weird as Hailee Steinfeld doing a song with Florida Georgia Line.....(still not over how weird it is).

My brother John and I were walking around looking for a place to get food when I started laughing that my shirt matched one of the wall murals. I had to pose with the HOWDY wall. I really love when towns have artists paint murals on walls around town.

I absolutely love Texas. When you're from Texas you're proud of it. They say Texans have the biggest ego's. We are known to say "I'm a Texan" before "I'm an American." I am super proud to be both. All of my siblings are there. My parents are there. So no matter what I go to Texas for, I always feel like I am home.

Recently, I have been reading a book called "Get Your Sh*t Together" and it has really been eye opening. I don't consider myself to be a person who has a messy life. I don't even feel like I need to get my Sh*t together. I bought it at the airport sort of as a people would laugh as they saw me reading it on my layover. I never saw myself buying a self-help book.

I laughed after the first paragraph and was instantly hooked.

It talks about list making...I love lists.

It talks about success....I love success.

It pokes fun at life...I love laughing at life.

Basically the point I am trying to make is simple: Live your best life. It is honestly as easy as that. If you are unhappy, sit down and set aside some time for yourself to ask yourself this: Why am I unhappy? What simple things can I do to make small changes?

Life is just way too short to spend our time doing things we don't enjoy. Life is just way too short to be friends with toxic people who drain us emotionally. Life is just way too short to not eat that bowl of ice cream......(that one is just mainly for me)

If you find joy in sitting at home reading a book instead of going to the bar, so what? If you find joy in going hiking instead of going to brunch, so what? The more time you spend doing things that bring you joy, you will get more out of life.

Live your best life. You deserve it. No matter what ANYONE thinks.


Sarah Jo

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