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Fashionable Casual Friday

Blazer: The Limited (moment of silence please) / Tee: Top Shop / Jeans: Michael Kors

I go through phases where I love wearing blazers, then I hate them and get rid of them all. Except this one. Because it's awesome....and because The Limited went out of business. Sad day. They had the BEST blazers that always fit and always looked cute. I had one black watch blazer....that I guess I got rid of....and I am kind of upset since black watch is my favorite plaid.

On Friday's I try to dress cute while still looking professional. It is hard to get out of bed on Friday though...because sleep is life.

I can't bring myself to spend the money on the Gucci tee, even though I think it is too too cute! So when I found this look a like....and it was $30 I was like "yes, my closet can do with this piece"

Who remembers college SJR? Remember how many stinking bracelets I used to wear? You would need find me without all my accessories. Nor would you find me in pants, but here I am....wearing pants.

I love being a working woman. I really feel like I have a purpose and that I am good at what I do. Sometimes it is totally ok to be confident in your abilities. Believe it to not you can be confident without being cocky. You really can. People have told me a million times that I walk like I am on a mission, or I walk like I own the place. Little do they know I really speed walk because I can't wait to sit down :)

I hope my humor translates.


Sarah Jo

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