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Rainy Day Cape Trench

Cape Trench: CeCe / Wellies: Hunter / Top: Loft / Leggings: Calvin Klein

Can we talk about how cute the details on the back of this trench coat?!?! I love bows and feminine details. I really love the cape theme! I also have a black cape coat for the winter time. It has a bow, too. Surprise, surprise. 

I am not a fan however of how oversized this is. The opening for your arms should be closer to your body, so I would suggest sizing down. I am wearing a medium and probably could have gone with a small. I got this last year but they have it on Nordstrom Rack for a great price!

I am obsessed with Hunter boots. I wish it rained more often so I had an excuse to wear them...but I hate driving in the rain so I am ok with the fact that it doesn't rain much. 

You can't go wrong with a good basic striped tee and black leggings. This look is so versatile. You could honestly take the boots and trench coat off and throw on some booties and a light weight vest and it would be a perfect look for this time of year!

Rainy days always make me want to take a nap. I love a good nap, much like a toddler. But I always find myself craving a good book, cuddling up with a cozy blanket, and relaxing. Maybe even throw in a hot tea or hot chocolate. I truly believe that’s really important in life. We need to stop and take time for ourselves and our well being to just relax and let our minds be at ease. 

So I am slacking as a blogger, I am like the only blogger I know that did not go to a pumpkin patch to take pictures. Hahahaha. I literally had it scheduled to go this Saturday and my best friend was like "I think they will be closed by then." Sure enough.....all of them closed on Halloween. Major bummer. But I don't like the color orange anyway, so I am not too upset. 

I dressed up as Holly Golightly for Halloween and I am seriously considering using the eye mask on the daily to sleep in. It is super comfy cozy! 


Sarah Jo

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