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Striped Oversized Cardigan

Striped Cardigan: Old (Similar) / Heels: Old (similar) / Ripped Leggings: Express / Blouse: Old Navy

Wearing black and white stripes, Surprise, surprise! I absolutely love oversized cardigans but I REALLY love when it comes in my favorite color scheme/pattern. My stepdad actually got me this cardigan at a boutique in Texas while we were Christmas Shopping for my Mom. I couldn't put it down, so he said he would get it for me as my gift for picking out all my Mom's gifts.

I am glad that feminine details are in style. I absolutely love good touch of ruffles or sparkles. I found this top at Old Navy (I ordered in Tall length because I wanted the ruffle to be longer than the regular size).

I have a hard time finding things that are in style that actually look good on me. So I just usually stay away from trends. I will buy tons and tons of solids and anything in black and white stripes! Those are things that never go out of style!

This has been a very tiring month for me so far, but I am so thankful for cooler weather! Who is with me?


Sarah Jo

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