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Motivation Monday


You usually dread them, right? For most, It means your weekend is over and back to work you go. For some it could be class. 

A couple years ago I wrote a blog post on making the most of your Monday's. Because, like the start of a new month or a new season, it's a chance for a fresh start. Monday means you have another chance at having a great week.

If you work out one of the things any trainer will tell you is- never miss a Monday. 

So why? Why would you not miss a Monday? Does this mean Tuesday isn't as important? Not necessarily. No. It's metaphorical, in my opinion. If we were to miss every Monday because Monday's stink then when will we ever start? You will inevitably say "I'll try again next week." Or maybe it's just me 🤷🏼‍♀️

A fresh start is a good thing. It's like getting a new haircut (and goodness do I need a good cut and color🙈). You feel ready to take on the world when you have a positive "change" in your life. 

Hence the "never miss a Monday" workout theory. If we start every week off in the gym (or doing something positive and self-empowering) then you feel ready to take on whatever the week has to throw at you. 

The truth is, I usually can't sleep on Sunday nights because my mind is preparing itself for my weekly to-do list. Nothing makes me feel as accomplished as circling in all the bubbles on my weekly to-do list. I set mini goals for myself throughout the week in order to feel accomplished in my work and daily life. 

Monday is another opportunity to better yourself in any aspect of your life. Do I have all the answers, heavens no! Nor do I want all the answers! Do I have a sunny disposition where I smile constantly? Definitely not. But that's something I make an effort to work on. I also like to learn something new every day. 

I like to compliment people. I enjoy giving little tidbits of information that might make someone's day a little better. Whenever I get a compliment it always makes my day, so I try to extend that same feeling to someone else. 

We all struggle. We all have our Monday's. We all spill coffee (tea for me) on ourselves from time to time. And I TRIP AND FALL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!!!!! (That's in all caps because I think it's hilarious when I trip and fall. And get a good laugh at myself when I do it.) 

Maybe you conquer your Monday's way better than I do, you get a gold ⭐️ . You can either go on continuing to dread your Monday's (obstacles) or you can embrace the challenges that will inevitably come your way in life and strive to see every Monday morning as an opportunity to set the tone for the week. 

Climb your mountain! Take that Zumba class! Try the green smoothie at Tropical Smoothie. Open the door for the person behind you. 

Disclosure: I just finished Fuller House season 3....DJ really has me on a self improvement kick. She may be a fictional character, but I am enjoying the message she conveys!


Sarah Jo

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