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Black and White Blouse

Blouse: Ivanka Trump / Jeans: Express / Heels: Old ( similar ) / watch: Daniel Wellington / Earrings: j.crew 

Who doesn't love a good black and white blouse? And yes, I pretty much live in these jeans when I choose to wear jeans. Black jeans are hard to find that don't look silly on your rear end or don't come high waisted enough. I will not be happy when the ripped jean look goes away...but then again I will probably still wear these.

It is not a secret that I am a huge fan of Ivanka Trump. Her clothing line is just so perfect for my taste. It is flattering without being revealing and I don't feel like I am spending a fortune to look cute. I received more compliments on this blouse than I ever expected. It is absolutely perfect in the fact that it is so versatile. You can put it with a good pencil skirt/black pants for work, jeans for a casual look, or wear it with shorts in the summer time. 

At the start of every new month I tell myself I am going to do something to better my life. There is something about the start of a month in the start of a new season. It gives you hope, possibility, a fresh perspective. So I added something to my goal list!

I studied journalism in college and I have always been a lover of the written word. I have started more books than I can count, and by started I do mean started writing. So first on my three year plan is actually finish a book and get it published. 

What are your plans? Please share what you dream of!


Sarah Jo 

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