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Gingham Flutter sleeves

Top: Gingham Sleeve (This one is $10!!!) (Love this one that is Similar) / Pants: Express / Shoes: Nine West (old, similar) / Sunnies: Prada / Watch: Daniel Wellington

Have you ever had a top that is so soft you want to live in it? This is it. Get this one while you can, because Jane doesn't keep the same stuff every day! I love because I can cute boutique clothes a heck of a lot cheaper. This top is literally so fun it makes you have a pep in your step. I jokingly say I wake up and put on my sassy pants...well this is my sassy top. And it made me EXTRA sassy. I love it.

This photo shoot was so much fun. One of my best friends Natalie helped take these photos and honestly the candid ones were the best! Especially the moody one! It's definitely my personality. I love a good dark lip and dark clothes. I swear I am not gothic at all, but it makes me feel more feminine and powerful if we are being honest.

Also, while we are being honest....this was not a good day for me. I have been trying so hard at certain things in my life. That morning I had gotten a rejection email to collaborate. Normally these are not things I would share, simply because it is kind of embarrassing to admit. But you know happens to all of us.

I was feeling really down about my ability to succeed. I have not really experienced that feeling many times in my life, normally if I get rejected I just laugh and move on. I never even got a rejection letter for college, though. So I didn't know how to handle it. I texted my brother, my mother, my best friends, basically anyone that would listen to me whine. And I realized.....oh my goodness, SJR, you're being ridiculous. You don't quit because one person doesn't like your brand.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up on yourself. Never quit. You have to wake up each day, strap your boots on (thanks for that saying Papa), and march on down the road. If we always give up on ourselves, how can we ever excel? All of the people are not going to like you all the time. I have to keep reminding myself that. When times get tough and you want to just give up. REMEMBER THAT. You are worth it. You are better than that. You are important. Maybe not to millions.....but you are to one and one is better than none.

Now get on with your bad self. Put on some bold lipstick. Flip that hair back. And don't take negativity from anyone.


Sarah Jo

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