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Roundup of work outfits

If there is anything to know about me: I am a working woman. I don't know that there will ever be a time that I don't want to work. There's a rap song out right now with the line I really relate to "Work so hard forgot how to vacation."

It is difficult to stay fashionable yet work appropriate in today's day-in-age. I find that if it is designed for my age group, it's a little on the risqué side. If it looks good on me (I dress pretty modest for the most part) it was probably designed for someone.....not my age, but older.

In college I wore a dress and heels every day to class. You would rarely catch me in pants. I love getting dressed up and feeling feminine. I love when I find a dress that has feminine details as well.

All of these outfits are very versatile but great for the work place.

I am currently transitioning my closet for the fall (wishing it was already here). I can't wait to wear my fall pieces. I will do some blog posts on transitioning into fall.

Send me the places you shop for your work clothes!


Sarah Jo

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