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Top 5 Summer Essentials

Top 5 Summer Essentials:

1. Statement Earrings: Bauble Bar

Earrings can really dress an outfit up! I have tassel/piñata/fringe earrings in several colors. I like the length of them. They really make your outfit fun. It adds a pop of color if you're wearing black, too! Get these right now for 30% off!!!!

2. One Piece Swimwear: J.CREW

This one just so happens to be on my wishlist!!!! I love fruit prints, they are so stinkin' cute! The one piece is in this summer. Snag one when you see one you like. I think I may just buy this one right now!

3. Off the shoulder anything: J.CREW

I love a good off the shoulder top or dress. Its fun and flirty for the summertime (also makes you want to work out your arms). I already have several, and keep continuing to buy more! I don't hate this trend at all!

4. Denim Shorts: Madewell

Lets be honest, denim shorts that look good on you are hard to find. Or maybe only I have that problem. I am so happy high waisted shorts are a thing right now. I am stocking up on them like crazy because they are way more comfortable to me. These are cute and distressed and have a raw hem (which is trending right now).

5. Mirrored Sunnies: Diff Eyewear

This is a no-brainer! I mean, it is summer! The sun is bright, I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses. My eyes are very sensitive, so I even wear sunnies when it's cloudy. These are by far my favorite that I have owned.

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