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Dressing up Casual Friday

(Had to include this goofy outtake.)

Blouse: H&M (Under $20!) / Boyfriend Jeans: J.CREW / Shoes: Ivanka Trump / Bag: Kate Spade / Sunnies: Prada / Watch: Daniel Wellington / Ring: Rocksbox / Necklace: Banana Republic

Can you say Fri-Yay?!?!?! I love, love, love dressing up! For me, it is a way to express myself. I tend to pick articles of clothing that have a girly/feminine flare to them. When I saw this top I bought it in several colors. You can't beat the price, the color is fun, and the SLEEVES!!!!!!!! This can be pretty basic if you want it to be, so I dressed it up with a really bold necklace. I found the necklace on sale at Banana Republic a couple months back, and haven't had many places to wear it. I decided I would just make a place to wear it!

These jeans are high waisted and comfortable, thats all I really look for in jeans. I only own maybe 4 pairs of denim anything...which is a HUGE change for me. You would never, never, never find pants in my wardrobe. I was famous in college for wearing a dress and heels to class every day. I can't think of a single instance I wore sweat pants (please don't do it, y'all!)

So blue is actually my favorite color, but pink is SO fun to wear. I wear these heels so much. I wish Ivanka was my best friend, I really do. Her line is perfect for the workplace and very affordable. I always pick up a piece if I find it while shopping.

Work wear doesn't have to be boring. If I could pick a dream job (I have way too many dreams to count) it would be a political fashion consultant. I am unsure if it is a thing....but I would rock it. My mother and I buy our clothes together (yes we are known for matching in public as adults), so I know that the clothes I pick can be worn for every age!

Thanks for following along!


Sarah Jo

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