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Leopard Fit and Flare

Dress: Kate Spade / Shoes: BCBG / Purse: Kate Spade / Watch: Daniel Wellington / Sunnies: Prada

Leopard adds so much spice to the wardrobe. I think, when paired correctly, leopard print can be worn anywhere. You can't go wrong if you have staple pieces in your closet. I am not at all a fan of zebra print so you probably won't ever find me advocating for you to add that print into your wardrobe.

When thinking of your closet full of clothes, how much of it do you actually wear? I clean out my closet every month. If it hasn't been worn in a while I put it in a pile and either sell it or take it to Goodwill. If there are items of clothing in your closet you hold on to for sentimental purposes....just get rid of it. Things do come back in style, I can agree with that argument, but there is no sense in holding onto that Juicy Couture velour track's never coming back....and why would you want it to? (I never owned mom told me it would go out of style and I would regret it)

I like to keep staple pieces in my closet, always. I make sure I always have black, white, leopard, a pop of color, and a good pair of denim hanging in my closet. I wear this dress a lot. I am reminded of it when I walk in the office and see that I am wearing it in several pictures to work functions. It is great for work because it is easy and modest.

Let me know what work closet staples are your favorite! (Or if you're mad I hated on JC tracksuits! haha)


Sarah Jo

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